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20th International Cave Bear Symposium (ICBS 2014)

September 10th – 13th 2014 in Corvara (South Tyrol, Italy)


Gernot Rabeder

Nadja Kavcik

in collaboration with:

Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus

Tourismusverband Alta Badia

Oscar Alfreider

Iwan Costamoling

Willy Costamoling

Thomas Pescollderungg

Financial support: 

Cassa Raiffeisen Val Badia - Raiffeisenkasse Gadertal www.valbadiaonline.it 


Dear Colleagues,

Our 20th International cave bear meeting will be held in very a special place this year. Corvara is located near the over 3000 meters high Conturines mountains in the Dolomite Alps of Gader valley.

The Conturines cave at an altitude of 2.800 m is not only the highest situated bear cave in the world but also the highest site of cave lions. Today the surrounding of the cave is dominated only by rocks, ice and snow – not the environment the herbivorous cave bear would survive. Its fossils are therefore important witnesses for the climate about 50,000 years ago.

But with the bears of Conturines also a cave bear taxon was discovered that is not only morphologically but also genetically different from most alpine cave bears and is known as Ursus ladinicus or Ursus spelaeus ladinicus.

The small museum in San Cassiano called "Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus", was established only three years ago and is dedicated exclusively to Conturines and its fossils – so Corvara is a well worthy place for a symposium that concentrates on the fossil faunas of caves.

Conturines mountain
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